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IAIN Salatiga having a dialog about religions with an Indian Professor

Monday (21/05/18), IAIN Salatiga was visited by an Indian Pofessor, Mr. Vita Ananta Kumar Giri. He is a professor from Madras Institute Development Studies of India. His research interest are  New Horizons of Human Development and Social Transformations in India and the World: Dialogues, Dignity and Responsibility; Religion, Spiritual Mobilizations and Social Transformations; Social Theory and Social Movements: Criticism, Creativity and the Contemporary Dialectics of Transformations; Creative Transformations in Education, Philosophy and Literature.

In that occasion, Prof. Ananta Kumar was welcomed and accompanied by Mr. Hammam, Ph.D, the Head of Postgraduate of Islamic Education Deparment (S2 PAI). The participants of the seminar are students of Postgraduate of Islamic Education Deparment (S2 PAI) in IAIN Salatiga.  Furthermore, he delivered a presentation entitled “Transformative Harmony and Human Development”. He began his presentation by giving some quotes about tolerance. One of them is

By inner values I mean the qualities we all appreciate in others, and toward which we all have a natural instinct, bequeathed by our biological nature as animals that survive and thrive only in an environment of concern, affection, and warm-heartedness—or in a single word, compassion. The essence of compassion is a desire to alleviate the suffering of others and to promote their well-being. This is the spiritual principle from which all other positive inner values emerge. We all appreciate in others the inner qualities of kindness, patience, tolerance, forgiveness, and generosity, and in the same way we are all averse to displays of greed, malice, hatred and bigotry.  So actually promoting the positive inner qualities of the human heart that arise from our disposition toward compassion, and learning to combat our more destructive propensities, will be appreciated by all. And the first beneficiaries of such strengthening will, no doubt, be ourselves.  Our inner values are something ignore at our own peril, and many of the greatest problems we face in today’s world and the result of such neglect.

–Dalai Lama (2011), Beyond Religion: Ethics for a Whole World, pp. x-xi.

He also added by a quote from Devi (2000: 26) that “when we help others, we are helping ourselves” . This quote will have wonderful impacts, if we can apply it in our real life. Everybody will compete to help one another, without considering people’s status or level in a society. Thus, it will create a new better world. Moreover, in this moment of Ramadhan when everyone wants to keep spirit to look for Allah’s merit (habluminallah), on the other hand we should also improve our relationship to others  (habluminannas).

Additionally, he gave a defintion about transformative harmony. It is a multi-dimensional movement for realization of meaning, coherence, co-ordination and joy in self, culture and society which is not status-quoist but transformative. Therefore, it can be summed up that by creating a harmony in this life such tolerance and helping one another will develop human especially in human relationships and the last will make a better world. (MFL/IO).

an Indian Professor comes to IAIN Salatiga


an Indian Professor comes to IAIN Salatiga

TBI IAIN Salatiga holds a National Seminar on National Education Day.

On Wednesday (09/04/18), English Education Department (TBI) IAIN Salatiga holds a seminar entitled “Teaching English as A Foreign Language in the Millennial Age: Prospects and Challenges”. This seminar is presented by Prof. Dr. Endang Fauziati, M, Hum. She is a professor of English Education in UMS (Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta). She also had been the lecturer of Mrs. Noor Malihah (the Head of TBI), Mr. Norwanto, Ph.D (English Lecturer) who also becomes the moderator of this seminar, and other lecturers in TBI. The audiences of the seminar came from the representatives of TBI students and lectures of IAIN Salatiga, and the representative teachers of Salatiga highs schools and the surrounding.

Guided by a beautiful MC, Mrs. Aprilia Adisti, M. Pd., one of the English lecturer, the seminar runs smoothly. “This seminar as a part of National Education Week”, delivered by Mrs. Noor Malihah, Ph. D as the Head of English Education Department (TBI) in her speech.

The Dean of Teacher Training Education Faculty, Mr. Suwardi, M. Pd. delivered his high appreciation to TBI, “The accreditation is almost A, because most of the teachers of TBI have big spirit to continue their study both in country and abroad.” He said. Additionally, he adds, “TBI becomes the second rank of favorite faculty which is chosen by student candidates of IAIN Salatiga.” He also informed, that night this faculty would hold a big event namely Javanese Puppet Show, so he invited all audiences to come to the event.

At 09.30 AM, the seminar is started. Prof. Endang began her presentation by giving a triangle illustration about three parties in language teaching. There are language/culture in the top, then the teacher/teaching and learner/learning are in the bottom. This illustration means that in language teaching, firstly the teacher should understand the language, then understanding teaching, and the last is understanding learning/learners.

First step, understanding language which means that the teacher understands the linguistics aspect and the language teaching, such as traditional grammar as the linguistics and the language teaching used is grammar translation method, structural linguistics is taught by direct method, sociolinguistics is taught by communicative language teaching, systemic functional linguistics is taught by scientific approach, and so on.

Meanwhile, understanding teaching consists of three items, they are approach, method and technique according to Anthony’s Diagram. Prof. Endang also explained about state of the art of Foreign Language Teaching in Indonesia. The first is Traditional Approach, next are the designer approach, communicative approach (cooperative language learning, collaborative learning and genre based approach) and the last is scientific approach which are adopted in Curriculum 2006 KTSP and Curriculum 2013 (inquiry based learning).

Finally, understanding learning and learners are explained separately. Understanding learning, is about learning theories which underline foreign language teaching. The theories are behaviorism, cognitivism, humanism, and constructivism. Furthermore, the learner today is referred to the millennial generation. One of their unique competencies is the ability to effectively use broadly networked digital communication technologies to quickly accomplish a variety of tasks. Thus, the teacher should learn the learning style. For instance, the teacher should understand that the millennial students learn better through discovery and experiential learning rather than by being told. This is a challenge for the teacher to introduce new learning and teaching approaches in order to engage the millennial students. To sum up, language learning and teaching is dynamic and fluid. Therefore, teachers have put into practice a great deal of diverse activities to keep themselves up-to-date and enhance their practice. Eventually, understanding learners especially the millennials, is a key to successful teaching.

After the seminar, Dr. Setia Rini, M. Pd as the Language Teaching Expert of IAIN Salatiga gives information about the preparation of teaching practicum (PPL) to the representative teachers of Salatiga highs schools and the surroundings. The reason is the sixth semester students of TBI IAIN Salatiga are going to conduct PPL in the schools. Thus, this seminar is really appropriate for the students to have well preparation before teaching. (MFL/IO)

tbi iain salatiga on a national seminar

“Bimo Suci” Shown at FTIK Puppet Show

May 11, 2018

SALATIGA – Lakon Bimo Suci (a play of holy Bimo) as an actor in a leather puppet show organized by the Faculty of  Teacher Training Education (FTIK) IAIN Salatiga, in the yard of K.H. Ahmad Dahlam Building, Campus 3, Wednesday (9/05).

Together with Ki Dalang Joko Sunarno and Dalang Cilik (little puppeteer) Anggoro Dwi Sadono, puppet show with a play of Bimo Suci is played. On the occasion, it was attended by the Rector and the Head of Dharma Wanita Persatuan (DWP), and the officials of IAIN Salatiga.

Previously Mr. Suwardi, M.Pd., The Dean of the Faculty (FTIK) explained Tirakatan night (a tradition to commemorate) and that evening cultural performances deliberately on the theme of “strengthening education, promoting culture”. With the theme is certainly in line with the vision of IAIN Salatiga namely in realizing a reference to study of Islam-Indonesia in the world.

“This night Wayang performance as a form of advancing education while preserving Indonesian culture. As Wali Songo had done when spreading Islam in Java Island, “he explained.

Mr. Suwardi, M.Pd. also explained the Wayang performance itself is one of the art form which had been ever used by Wali Songo in spreading Islam in Java land. In addition, through the performance can strengthen the relationship between IAIN Salatiga community and urban community of Salatiga especially urban village.

In line with that, Rector of IAIN Salatiga, Dr. Rahmat Hariyadi, M.Pd. in his speech said by holding this Tirakatan Night and cultural performances we feel grateful. The Wayang performance by performing a play of Bimo Suci became the cure longing of academic community of IAIN Salatiga in preserving the culture.

“Through this Wayang performance we can take great lesson, because in the performances there are many things involved, such as there are musical art education, language learning, especially Java language, theater, and vocal art, “said Rector.

He also added, the theme taken at this show is very appropriate. The theme of “strengthening education, promoting culture” is in line with IAIN Salatiga’s vision. “The theme of strengthening education, promoting culture, is in line with the vision of the year 2030 to be a reference study of Islam-Indonesia for the realization of a dignified peaceful society,” he added.

The Wayang performance is a series of activities of National Education Day (Hardiknas) organized by FTIK IAIN Salatiga. The own series of activities in 2018 itself from 1-14 May 2018. (zid/MFL)

Thai Students of IAIN Salatiga Join Wirakarya PTKN Camp Series in Riau

May 11, 2018
SALATIGA – Two Thai students who studied in IAIN Salatiga, participated in a series of activities in Wirakarya Camp (PW) of Religious Higher Education XIV 2018 at State Islamic University (UIN) Sultan Syarif Kasim, Riaiu from 3- May 10, 2018.

Thai students enrolled as PW PTK XIV 2018 from IAIN Salatiga namely Surainee Tohyeng, Tadris English Department (TBI) and Muhammad Ikbal Wadeng, majoring in Islamic Education Department (PAI). According to Muhammad Ikbal Wadeng, he feels very grateful to participate in the series of PW PTK XIV 2018 held at UIN Sultan Syarif Kasim Riau, Tuesday (8/05).

“My impression of this activity is a tremendous first experience and certainly adds fellowship. In the future, Thai student friends need to join a training with Racana IAIN Salatiga, so it can maintain better solidarity, “said Ikbal.

During the activities of PW PTK XIV 2018, they follow activities such as insight of nationality, tourism, and live in a home stay located in the area of ​​long nature, around Kampar Riverbank. One of the activities is to build a natural tourist destination undertaken in part by each participant of PW PTK.

The Wirakarya Campsite itself is intended for the Pandega Scout group on Front Line of  Religious Higher Education (PTK: UIN, IAIN and STAIN) will bring up the theme of environment, culture and tourism (Eco Culture Tourism). A total of 1,500 participants from 57 PTK in Indonesia will be grouped in two major activities. Half of the participants will be doing activities on Earth Campground and the other half will be doing Bhakti community activities.

Moh. Khusen, M.Ag., M.A., the Vice Rector for Student Affairs and Cooperation, represents IAIN Salatiga Rector when releasing the contingent, expressed his gratitude that Racana Kusuma Dilaga-Woro Srikandi of IAIN Salatiga this year sent a delegation at PW PTK XIV event in Riau. The national-scale activities besides aiming to participate in the dedication of Dharma in camp sites are also expected to be utilized by all participants to gain knowledge about Eco Cultural Tourism in order to be developed again after coming from Riau.

He also said, “As a true Scout, it is proper that all members of IAIN Salatiga contingent keep the good name of almamater and always try to be a pioneer in every service dedication and achievement.” (zid/MFL)

CEC of IAIN Salatiga conducted a National Seminar about Character Education for Millennial Generation

Saturday (05/05/18), Communicative English Club (CEC) of IAIN Salatiga presented a National Seminar entitled “Encouraging the Millennial Generation having Character Education”. This seminar also invited 2 great speakers namely Mr. Taufiq and Mr. Fatturroyhan. Began with grand opening by CEC dancing team, she performed a traditional dance called Sembahan Putri. Then, Mrs. Setia Rini, the counselor of CEC, officially opened this national seminar.

First speaker is Mr. Taufiq, he is one of lecturers in English Education Department of IAIN Salatiga. His presentation title is “Being Smart Generation without Leaving the Local Culture”. He waked up young spirit by a popular quote “Give me 10 youths so I will shake the world.” He further explained 4 characters (4C) which must be owned by smart millennial generation, they are character, creative, collaborative, and connected. He also added that preparing this generation is also the parents’ and environmental role to respect Indonesian culture. There are some values which can be grown to the generation; knowledge, religion, economy, culture, solidarity and leadership.  Those values finally make him come to the conclusion that educational value and parenting are very important to shape self-value of someone, because the values influence someone’s life journey. Eventually, he closed his presentation by giving a spirit that Smart Generation for Smart City, Indonesia Future City.

On the other hand Mr. Fatturroyhan, the second speaker, came with spirit to deliver his ideas. He also highlighted on character education. He picked up honesty and fighting spirit as two main spirits which must lay on higher than only a score. Sometimes, he inserted some spirit words during his presentation such as when he shouted “Millennial Generation”, the audiences would respond by “Semangat! Yes, Sir!” He also told about his life story, how he fought for dreams. Started from his graduating paper (undergraduate program) title was rejected but he kept on his effort because her mother obliged him to graduate immediately. As a result, he finally finished his graduating paper only within two weeks. Amazing fact is he also successfully translated it in two languages, Arabic and English. Furthermore, he shared international experiences; one of them is how to send an article/paper to 40 countries only in one night. He said, “It is about the application, when we submit our article, it is automatically sent to many countries. I hope my sharing here will be beneficial to IAIN Salatiga students to keep dreaming no matter what failures and obstacles we must pass. “ He looked humble and open minded when met him in a transit room. (MFL/IO)

cec iain salatiga

Mr. Taufiq in a national simnar by cec iain salatiga

IAIN Salatiga Students Becomes an Ambassador to Teach Arabic in Malaysia

JAKARTA – Students of State Institute for Islamic Studies (IAIN) Salatiga become Arabic ambassadors in Arabic teaching program in Malaysia by Ittihadul Al Thalabah Al Lughah Al Arabiyyah (ITHLA) or Arabic Student Association of Indonesia which will be held on 30 April to 13 May 2018. This program started by workshop and training event in UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta from 26-29 April 2018, given briefing about Arabic learning strategy, micro teaching and others.

According to the committee, registration of participants is recorded up to 35 students from all universities incorporated under ITHLA organization. Through a rigorous selection process, 19 students were selected to qualify based on their achievements, individual skills and track records during their college years.

IAIN Salatiga students are listed as participants namely, Saiyadatina Anzalia and Chalvia Farra Jihan. Both students are from Arabic Language and Literature Department and Arabic Education Department. Chalvia Farra Jihan, met before leaving for Jakarta said she was very grateful to have been selected to be part of ITHLA to teach Arabic in Malaysia. “Of course I am grateful to be selected to teach Arabic in Malaysia,” Chalvia said. She also added that this was her first experience to teach Arabic in Malaysia. “Besides, with this experience I can add knowledge, especially about Arabic,” she added.

Meanwhile, the Dean of Teacher Training Education Faculty, Mr. Suwardi, M.Ag. said that the students selected in the program become a proud achievement for IAIN Salatiga community and in particular the people of Salatiga City in international level. “With these achievements, hopefully other students are motivated to perform better,” he explained.

Furthermore, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs and Institutional Development, Dr. Agus Waluyo, M.Ag. expressed his appreciation to the two students, Saiyadatina Anzalia and Chalvia Farra Jihan who have passed the selection to join the Arabic Teaching Program in Malaysia organized by Ittihadu Al-Thalabah Al-Lughah Al-Arabiyyah (ITHLA).

He also added that this achievement must be a capital and meaningful for self-development as an international professional teaching staff. In addition, the challenge of being a teacher in a neighboring country also requires mental strength, quality and sufficient supplies as a delegation of Indonesian campus and students. “Make this program a form of spirit of devotion and contribution to the development of Arabic language education in Malaysia, so bring the name of the institution and the nation,” said Dr. Agus Waluyo, M. Ag.

4 new Thailand students study Bahasa Indonesia in IAIN Salatiga

In the end of April, there were 4 new students from Thailand arrived in Salatiga. They are Miss. Mariam Eadyeesa-I, Miss. Muna Wayeng, Miss. Nurufaraai Sueni, and Miss. Suroya Taleh. They will study at IAIN Salatiga for four years. All of them will be English Education Department (TBI) students of IAIN Salatiga. Thus, they must master Bahasa Indonesia in order to be easier in communication.

On Monday (07/08/18), they started first day to study Bahasa Indonesia in UPTB (Language Service Technical Unit) of IAIN Salatiga. They will be taught by 2 lecturers, Mrs. Marisa Fran Lina, M. Pd. and Mr. Heru Saputra, MA. The course will be held in 8 weeks and every week they will be taught intensively around 20 hours or 4 hours a day. Therefore, it is hoped that they will master Bahasa Indonesia well.

The course activities are varied. At first, we learned from the textbook about how to pronounce alphabet, some words and sentences in Bahasa Indonesia well. They also listened to a dialog in Bahasa Indonesia and answered some questions. It was not too difficult to them since they usually speak Malay language which has some similarities with Bahasa Indonesia. Then, we discussed about students’ life so that they were easier to talk about the topic based on their context. The tutor also inserted some fun games such mind mapping which became an ice-breaker after tiring of doing some tasks. Have a nice learning, Guys. (MFL/IO)

AFMAM 2018 in Singapore: IAIN Salatiga proposes 3 delegation teams for ASEAN

The 4th ASEAN Foundation on Model ASEAN Meeting (AFMAM) 2018 will be held in Singapore around July 2018. One of IAIN Salatiga delegation teams is from Mrs. Marisa Fran Lina, M. Pd. as the team advisor and the members are Hafik, Diki, Warda, Sulis, Atika, Andika, Syamsudin. The other delegation teams are from Mr. Miftachudin, MA and Mr. Heru Saputra, MA.

The model ASEAN meeting programme is initiated by the ASEAN Foundation to target university and high school students to understand diplomacy and how decision-makers of ASEAN Member States address regional ASEAN meetings. The model ASEAN meeting programme is intended to provide comprehensive information on ASEAN, topics for simulation, and the tools for simulation activities. The ASEAN Foundation is championing this new initiative to the young people, to provide students with a hands-on experience and better understanding of ASEAN affairs and it can offer an authentic experience of simulating ASEAN meetings. It has long work experience, working with young people through collaboration with universities and the ASEAN Foundation Scholarship. It can be checked in this link for further information.

Each of delegation should submit their CV contains minimally 5 achievements. One team also has to submit a motivation letter tells about introduction, activities, why we should join AFMAM and the benefits, and what we will do after joining the program. Every team also sends a two-minute video in Youtube to introduce themselves and their achievement. Here is one video from Mrs. Marisa’s team. Please click the link and like the video. (MFL/IO).

The 7th IAIN Salatiga Graduation Ceremony: 1st Thai Students was graduated in quickest time

Saturday (14/04/18), around 8.30 IAIN Salatiga began the agenda for formal Graduation Ceremony. There were 286 students who were successfully graduated. Paraded by Menwa (Students Regiment), all of graduates ed the procession room.  A few minutes later, the Senate Team entered the room, all audiences stood up. Opened by excellent a couple of Master of Ceremony Mr. Amin and Mrs. Rani, the agenda ran smoothly. After informing the best graduate in every department, the agenda continued by calling all students who would be inaugurated by the Rector of IAIN Salatiga, Dr, Rahmat Hariyadi, M. Pd.

In session of student’s speech Rizqiya, the best student of Islamic Education Department, she finally could not bear to cry in delivering her speech. It makes all audiences cry too. She gave her big thanks to her parents for all efforts, hopes and prays until she could stand there with her best title. The touching situation was still continued, when Fitria Kumala Sari sang a song entitled “Ibu” (mother). She would be a representative of IAIN Salatiga in a competition in Purwokerto.

The interesting fact from this ceremony is a Thailand student named Hakimee Samalee, became the first International student who was graduated from IAIN Salatiga. He was an English Department Student, and he was successfully graduated in quickest time namely 3 years and 7 months. Well done! Hope he will be pioneered and inspiration for other Thai’s students to study in IAIN Salatiga. (MFL/IO)

Art and Language Exhibition (ALE) ICP of IAIN SALATIGA 2018: A Promise of Abimanyu

Wednesday (25/04/18) in IAIN Salatiga Campuz 1 Hall, International Class Program (ICP) 2016 students perform a great Art and Language Exhibition (ALE). Guided by two beautiful student girls, Losi and Shafina as the formal Master of Ceremony, the opening run smoothly and respectfully. They used both English and Arabic in speaking, that was so amazing. The opening presents singing our National Anthem namely Indonesia Raya, guided by IAIN Salatiga Music Club (SMC) Choir, then continued to sing IAIN Salatiga Hymne. Next agenda is delivering speeches by the Dean of Faculty, Mr. Suwardi, M. Pd. and Chief of ALE, Hafik Umarul Munir.

The performance is opened by a funny couple of MC, Umi and Aqil, ICP 2017 students. They wear a couple of wedding dress, makes them as if they were a real romantic wedding couple. The unique and fun way they delivered, makes the audiences more attractive and enjoyable. Next performance is Asmaradana dance, played by ICP 2015 students who are going to conduct abroad teaching practicum in Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur around July 2018. Fafa, the singer of Anoman Obong, is not only pretty with Javanese costume but also beautiful in singing the song. This song tells about Anoman who saved Sinta, Rama’s wife who is kidnapped by Rahwana, the evil giant. Anoman finally burned (in Javanese obong) Rahwana’s Palace. It is part of Ramayana popular story in Javanese puppet and Hindu religion.

It is time to the peak performance, a Promise of Abimanyu. The story begins with the romanticism of Abimanyu (Hafik) and his wife, Siti Sendari (‘Ain). One day, the palace ordered Abimanyu to go for a duty, so he had to leave his lovely wife. When Abimanyu was not home, Sendari is approached by a men and so did Abimanyu, he apparently tried to approach other woman named Dewi Utari (Awal). He promised, would marry her, if he did not, he would die. That’s way the story entitled “a Promise of Abimanyu”. Afterthat, the palace ordered Abimanyu to be a Senopati (leader) of a big war between Pandawa and Kurawa. Unfortunately, he died in that war. That was also effect of his promise to Dewi Utari.

This drama is also highlighted a trending topic today, namely Pelakor (stealing another husband) cases in social media. An intermezzo is also presented, such as performing a brief story about Dilan which is bloomed today. That was so creative. They know how to link an old Javanese story and modern updated story in one package of art performance. Naturally, it makes the audiences do not move from their seat and keep their eyes on the stage. On the other hand, this drama also gives us some moral lessons. Among of them, are keep loyal relationship with our couple and keep our promise. After all, all of the players are excellent. They are all out in performing their best. They could manage time very well, since we know that as ICP students, the course activities are so full but they could prove, they could do something outside their academic activities. Two thumbs up for ICP students! Bravo! (MFL/IO)


ALE ICP 2018 IAIN SALATIGA in Art Exhibition entitled “a Promise of Abimanyu”