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IAIN Salatiga Rector Leads the 73rd Birthday Ceremony of Pancasila

SALATIGA – State Institute for Islamic Studies (IAIN) Salatiga held the 2018 Flag ceremony of Pancasila Birthday, at K.H. Hasyim Asy’ari, with the ceremony Inspector of IAIN Salatiga is the Rector, Dr. Rahmat Hariyadi, M.Pd. on Monday (04/06)

Appeared to attend the ceremony of the 73rd birthday of Pancasila 2018, namely the Senate Institute, Deans and Vice Deans of each faculty, as well as lecturers, and staffs in IAIN Salatiga neighborhood. The ceremony of Pancasila birthday goes with solemn till the end.

In the ceremony, Rector of IAIN Salatiga, Dr. Rahmat Hariyadi, M.Pd. read the remarks of the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo in the framework of the birthday ceremony of Pancasila. “Pancasila is a beautiful blessing given by Almighty God to us,” said the Rector quoting Jokowi’s remarks.

In Jokowi’s remarks, the Rector invites to make a big leap, increasing the superior and strong human resources. He said, the spirit of achievement must be embedded for the whole society, continueto fluctuate and across the professions of Indonesian society with the spirit of sharing among the nation’s children, who are required, with a caring, compassionate and empathic ethos of appreciation with empathy.

“The whole line of the nation, jointly practice the Pancasila in our daily lives. Happy birthday Pancasila, we are united, we share and we excel.” He concluded. (zid/mfl)

Ramadan in Campus: CEC break the fast with orphans

On Saturday afternoon (02/06/18), CEC (Communicative English Club) of IAIN Salatiga holds an event “Ramadan in Campus”, with a theme “Habluminallah wa Habluminannas, Merajut Mahabbah di bulan Rahmah“. The meaning is the necessity of having a balanced relationship with The Divine and also fellow human beings. Therefore in this month of Ramadan and affection, we grow love with others especially with orphans. Thus, CEC invite several orphans around Salatiga to break the fast together.

After officially opened by Dr. Setia Rini, M. Pd. as the CEC counselor, the event organizer present an Islamic beautiful song entitled “Maula ya sholli wasallim“. This song or sholawat is sung by 4 students of IAIN Salatiga who actively joined some music clubs and won some singing contests. This song is a compliment song for Muslim Great Prophet Muhammad SAW (peace be upon Him), who do loves orphans. That’s why as the followers, we should imitate it.

While waiting for breaking the fast, Ustadz Abdul Latif, S. Pd. delivers mau’idhoh hasanah (advice). He opened with a fun warming up,such as singing together a children song namely Topi Saya Bundar (My hat is round). He played with the lyrics and body languages which made the audiences felt pleasant and entertained. After that, he just began to deliver his message. Overall, it is about achieving a success starts from dreaming and writing the dreams. He emphasized that everyone deserves for a success, even though you are poor, orphans and disable people.

The event is closed by giving donation officially by Mrs. Rini to the orphans.Hopefully, this event is useful for them that there are still many people care and love them, no matter who they are. All best wishes and prays for them, for their dreams in the future. Finally, this event is a lesson for us, as adults must be more grateful for our condition, with our family and alive parents. (MFL/IO)