When an employee can meet the target expected by the boss or customer satisfactorily. Then he will work even harder. He will devote more time, energy and mind. In order to always be able to give satisfaction. He did not want to disappoint, even trying to improve. What ever he could give.

Take the example of a teacher of 6th grade of elementary school who is given the responsibility of delivering the exam. Once he accepted the responsibility, and succeeded. All of his students graduated with exciting achievements. Both the school and the parents are satisfied and appreciated. Thus, it makes him “addicted”. Naturally, he further redoubled his efforts. So that next year, at least the same achievement he achieved. He will not want to disappoint and will never loosen his effort.

Why give satisfaction makes it addictive?
Because that means the peak fulfillment of human needs. That is the need to actualize, the need to be acknowledged. He is not just “exist”, but can “be exist”. This is one of human characteristics, that is existence. In addition, giving satisfaction is one source of happiness. And, man is the only creature who can feel happiness through appreciation of the work and the struggle. Therefore, try to make people satisfied with your work. Create your own addiction to give satisfaction. Undoubtedly you will work more and more enterprising. And God willing, your life will be happier

Wallaahu a’lam

Happy preparing for Monday …

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