June 14, 2018

Like troops, right now we’re back from a big war

And victory in the face of the enemy

That is within us

It is one with self, and may have long been the master of this self

That is lust, greed, egoism, anger, etc.

That is why we say takbir and tahmid

As a sign of joy, it also contains recognition

God is Great, we are all small, meaningless

Powerless, powerless, except with His help

So, not worth at all patting the chest

And think of victory as our own effort

Therefore, strike with the sentence tahmid

He is the one who should be praised, we are not worthy of praise

We are full of defects, disgrace and sin

It is only because of God’s mercy that the disgrace is still covered by Him

So we praise for Him and thank to Him

For His help, for His mercy and compassion


Then … when it has acknowledged the greatness and glory of God

And realize the many disgrace and sin upon yourself

Surely we will always be humble and hopeful of His forgiveness and ridho

And … surely we will be humble in the sight of men

No longer hesitate and prestige to admit mistakes and apologize to others

To light our load

The apologetic expression actually implies

That we have forgiveness too for our brother’s fault

Because we are aware, holding a grudge that will only nourish various heart diseases

The slow but sure, will also hurt our body.


When we have done it

Our journey ahead will be lighter

We also feel better prepared when someday called to Him

That is certain and close, even when, where, and how secret

And we hope God gives a good end for our lives.




تقبل الله منا ومنكم صيامنا وصيامكم وكل عام وانتم بخير

All wrong, please forgive

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