June 10, 2018
When the fasting person feels hungry and thirsty during the day, So he was advised to be aware and grateful for his situation, that later in the afternoon it would almost certainly have been available to eat and drink for him. While remembering the suffering of the poor who feel hungry everyday, and certainly nothing to eat, or if there is, must be obtained with difficulty.
The hope of the fasting man to be inspired to give alms
Until then he became a philanthropist

Generosity, the essence will return to self
Both kindness (blessings) in rizki and his life
And in his personal health
Because generosity creates happiness
At the time of alms, in one person will appear
Love hormone (oxytocin) in large quantities *
It makes it healthier and happier, feels needed,
And feels to have a long-term goal (akhirat)
May this be one proof of the truth
The Word of God:
إن أحسنتم أحسنتم لأنفسكم وإن أسأتم فلها
If you do good (means) you do good for yourself and if you do evil then it is for yourself … (Q.A. Al-Israa: 7)

Fasting itself is healthy for the human body
Added with the happiness that comes with alms
That multiplies immunity and healthy
Indeed, it brings a great blessing
Not only is the reward and heaven waiting tomorrow there
But the blessing is acceptable in the world
Subhaanallah .. God, who is very Love to all His servants
Who gave all His Shari’ah
For the good and the success of human life, the world and the hereafter
Wallaahu a’lam

* Taruna Pledge: https://www.republika.co.id/berita/ramadhan)

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