June 11, 2018

Ramadan is in last days

The purpose of this training, Insha Allah we have mastered well. We have mastered the ability to: be discipline and appreciate time, be self-controlling, be honest, be patient, be steadfast, be positive-minded, have spirit of learning, and have social and generous spirit.

God willing, inspiration and insight to change our life forward

We also get through the descent “lailatul qodar” on us. Just be poured in the action plan after fasting month. Thus, after entering the month of Shawwal (which means “increase”), our lives will undergo measurable and programmatic changes. Because life and the future we can only change

Through our changing attitudes and habits, As the sage says: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” (Henry Ford)

Action plan of post-Ramadan training a year ahead

It contains the targets we want to achieve in the various dimensions of our lives

In relation to God, in. profession, family relationship, etc., whatever we want to achieve in post-Ramadhan, try to apply them. After that, write down what habits should be changed in us. The main thing of course is time management

Arrange and be on time for: worship, work, with family, and rest. Continue the habit of waking up for sahur, praying tahajud and pray. Continue to control the mind and the five senses, always be positive thinking.

We may also set our target alms, both the nominal and the beneficiary’s range

Then work with a focus on progress. Every day there must be progress for our target. Oh yes … do not forget to include the names of relatives, friends, acquaintances and those who have been instrumental in the journey of our lives.

What we are targeting to be able to visit one another. Because we know that silaturrahmi prolongs life and opens the door of rizki

May we continue to change and improve ourselves, And prepare ourselves to fulfill His call.

Hopefully we will be “satisfied” when facing Him. And … Allah also ridlo see our charity, and receive us back. Aamiiin.

Wallaahu a’lam

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