Bidikmisi Scholarship


The Cost of Education for Underprivileged Students, hereinafter referred to as BIDIKMISI, is social assistance in the form of educational costs provided by the government to students who have good academic potential and are not able economically to continue their studies at D3 and S1 level.

Bidikmisi On Going is the cost of education for underprivileged students who have been running the previous year and its nature continue.


  1. Turning the hope for the society is not able and have good academic potential, to be able to study up to higher education level.
  2. Produce human resources that can play a role in breaking the poverty chain and community empowerment.


The objectives of the Bidikmisi Cost Assistance Program are as follows:

  1. Increase the motivation of learning and achievement of prospective students, especially those facing economic constraints.
  2. Improving access and learning opportunities in universities for students who are economically disadvantaged and have good academic potential.
  3. Ensure the continuity of student studies to complete and on time.
  4. Improving student achievement, both in curricular, co-curricular and extra curricular.
  5. Influence for students and other students to always improve achievement and competitive.
  6. Produce graduates who are independent, productive and have social awareness, so as to play a role in efforts to break the chain of poverty and community empowerment.


  1.  Bidikmisi Program have a target, New Recruitment. the target of the new recruitment Bidikmisi program is the graduate of the MA / MAK / SMA / SMK education unit or other equivalent form. Derived from economically disadvantaged groups with good academic potential, continuing higher education at PTKIN (UIN, IAIN, and STAIN) under the Ministry of Religious Affairs.
  2. Target Program Bidikmisi On Going. The target of Bidikmisi On oing (continued) program is Bidikmisi program students in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 who have not completed their studies and are still enrolled as active program beneficiaries

Help Form

The form of assistance for the Bidikmisi program is social assistance in the form of money placed in social assistance expenditure accounts (57), launched to the recipient program students.