Overview of Salatiga City

The town of Salatiga is located between 450 – 825 m (above the sea level). The city is cool and the air is fresh, which can be used for Salatiga. The climate is tropic and astronomically this city is between 1100.27′.56,81 “- 1100.32′.4,64” BT and 0070.17 ‘. – 0070.17’.23″LS. Morphologically, this city is surrounded by Merbabu Mount which is positioned between small mountains include: Gajah Mungkur, Telomoyo, and Payung Rong. The area of ​​Salatiga City is adjacent to the Regency of Semarang, because Salatiga region is surrounded by the Regency of Semarang from various sides. In the north, it borders Pabelan District, east side is Tengaran District. While on the south, it is bordered with District of Getasan and some parts of Tengaran District. On the west, it is bordered with Tuntang District. 65% of Salatiga Region is wavy land such as Dukuh, Ledok, Kutowinangun, Salatiga, Sidorejo Lor, Bugel, Kumpulrejo, and Kauman Kidul villages. The rest is a 25% oblique area and 10% flat. Salatiga is a very Indonesian multicultural city with a population of 177,088 people. 78% or about 136,000 people are Muslims, 17% are Christian Protestants, 5% Catholics, the rest are Hindus, Buddhists as well as Beliefs (including Kejawen). Known as a beautiful city, Salatiga has several universities such as Satya Wacana Christian University (SWCU), STIE (Institute of Economic Studies) AMA, Akbid (Obstetrics Academy) Bakti Nusantara, Akbid Ar Rum, and of course IAIN Salatiga. Thus, IAIN Salatiga became the only State campus in this region.

  • Transportation
    • Salatiga is in main road of Semarang-Boyolali-Solo, with 1.5 hours distance from Semarang/Ahmad Yani Airport, 1 hour from Solo/Adi Sumarmo Airport and 2 hours from Jogja/Adi Sucipto Airport. Big buses and minibuses pass through Salatiga City all day for 24 hours. The passing buses are Raya, Ismo, Esto, Sari, Safari, Putra Palagan, Mulyo Indah, Rajawali, Sugeng Rahayu (Senco Kajar), Sawojajar, Santika. Bus Solo – Jakarta through Pantura (north coast line) and vice versa also passes this city.
    • IAIN Salatiga currently has 3 different campus areas, where the distance between campuses is approximately 2 km of each. Campus I which is the first campus, located near the city of Salatiga, precisely on Jl. Tentara Pelajar No. 2 Salatiga. To go to I IAIN Salatiga Campus is quite easy because it is in the city center, exactly adjacent to the plaza of Salatiga Town. The location of IAIN Salatiga campus is also adjacent to Darul Amal Mosque, Police Station, Samsat (Single One Roof Administration System) , Mayor’s Office, Salatiga Public Hospital, Kridanggo Stadium and other government center. Campus II is easy to reach with two-wheeled vehicles and cars. All the city public car through IAIN Salatiga campus with cost around Rp. 2000-3000, from any direction.
  • Location map: http://iainsalatiga.ac.id/web/about/peta-lokasi/