IAIN Salatiga Logo


  • Globe with illustrations of islands and regions of Indonesia reflects IAIN Salatiga stands on Indonesia and diversity.
  • The open book represents the foundation of science and the love of science and has the spirit of jihad.
  • Two buffers symbolize the foundation and vision of IAIN Salatiga that are Islam and Indonesia.
  • Circular leaves as a symbol of love for the environment, socializing and living.
  • 6 leaves represent the pillars of faith, and the other 6 show the process of the world’s natural creation within six days.
  • Books of 5 pieces / levels symbolize the pillars of Islam.
  • 17 lines in the book symbolize the five prayers of 17 rakaat (the total number of Islamic Motion Prays in a day), it also means the date of independence day of Indonesian Republic.
  • The green color of the leaves symbolizes peace, growth, well-being and environmental insight. The yellow color of the book and the shoots symbolize the glory and greatness of the soul. The blue color on the globe symbolizes confidence, independence, technology, and breadth. The color of brown as a pile of books symbolizes strong and strong as the cultural identity of the Indonesian nation.
  • The writings of IAIN Salatiga indicate the position of the name and place