Ideally everyone who works, understands the four levels of working, and strives through it. These four levels are like climbing. The more we can ride, the more we feel excited. Working is just the same, it is more exciting, challenging, and exciting. And, if it can reach the top of the level. Then there will be an indescribable satisfaction.

First, the lowest level is to work on assignment. What is commanded and obligatory. Implemented with the best. The target of this level is for all tasks to be completed. So no complaints from the directors, friends or customers. Workers who can pass this level, will feel safe. He will not be hunted by unresolved demands

Second, it is doing what is necessary even if it is not ordered. Sometimes assignments from directors or customer requests. It is not detailed and comprehensive. Supposedly, if there are spaces to be done, it should be solved, even if it is not ordered. If a worker can do this, he will feel comfortable. He is free from the guilt of having done. What should be done even if it is not ordered. It has an initiative based on responsibility and duty.

The third stage, is to do what is possible. After the tasks and responsibilities are done. This worker has initiative and creativity. To do what might be done within the scope of the task. Something that is not just an obligation and a necessity. Something that had not been done before. Something that brought progress. Workers who are up to this level, will feel appreciation. Customers, friends or superiors will appreciate it.

The highest rate is when a person does what was before, or according to many people, was considered impossible. When he began to do that, many people doubted and even many are opposed. But with confidence, sincerity and perseverance he can do it. He works very hard, to dare to take risks. The result is a monumental work that people admire and remember. This is the peak of job satisfaction and meaningfulness of life. This is the highlight of the offering to the God who has brought it to the world ..

What level are we at?
Wallaahu a’lam

Good Sunday’s Night

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