In a company or institution, usually many of its staff from the lowest staff until the top leadership all work to carry out its duties and functions. There are special, there are ordinary, and some are disappointed. All will get an assessment from the boss or the customer. If you work exclusively in the eyes of customers or partners then you will become a legend.

There are four ways to become a legend in the workplace.
First, it should be able to give more than it promised. Is it more satisfying, or faster to complete.
Second, always do the job better than before. The more days, the less errors or deficiencies.
Third, always imagine having work result. What his colleagues, bosses, or customers can admire is to keep searching and asking, what would impress his boss, what would have amazed his customers. Having obtained the idea, occupied until it becomes real.
Fourth, always evaluate performance achievements and ensure all tasks and targets have been exceeded.

What is the need to try to become a legend? Because that is the essence of our life history that is, our history in work and create a work. In addition, being a legend means that we deserve to be paid more than we receive and if the institution can not, be sure God will fulfill it from the direction we did not expect.

Wallaahu a’lam

Sources of reading: Bob Nelson. 2007. 1001 Ways to Take Initiatve at Work

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