Seeking knowledge is obligatory for every human being since it is still in the cradle, to the grave because man is a being who is always in the process of being (on becoming process). We’re tomorrow morning, it’s we yesterday, plus we are today and so on, never ends until death. What we believe today is true, tomorrow may change because we have new knowledge and experience. In addition, the expanse of God’s Science is very, very wide. As much as we can have is just a speck of water attached to the end of a needle dipped in the ocean. So, we should continue to seek knowledge to be able to live the tasks and functions of life as well as possible

The proverb says “The knowledgeable person is like a rice plant, the more it is contained the lowered it will be”. That is, when people have a lot of knowledge then he will increasingly feel low in the presence of God. Thus, he is always humble in the eyes of men. Nothing to be proud of, exhibited or boasted about. In addition, the knowledgeable man must also fear of God in the sense of not at all daring to deviate from his laws because he knows the magnitude of risk, when out of the instructions and rules made by He Who is the Knower, the Most Knowledgeable, the Wise and The Most Everything .

A piece of the verse below presumes to represent what should be possessed by the person who reached the peak of science.
Al-Quran, Fatir (35), verse 28:
إنما يخشى الله من عباده العلماإ
“The one who fears God among his servants is the clergy.”

Wallaahu a’lam

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