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Art and Language Exhibition (ALE) ICP of IAIN SALATIGA 2018: A Promise of Abimanyu

Wednesday (25/04/18) in IAIN Salatiga Campuz 1 Hall, International Class Program (ICP) 2016 students perform a great Art and Language Exhibition (ALE). Guided by two beautiful student girls, Losi and Shafina as the formal Master of Ceremony, the opening run smoothly and respectfully. They used both English and Arabic in speaking, that was so amazing. The opening presents singing our National Anthem namely Indonesia Raya, guided by IAIN Salatiga Music Club (SMC) Choir, then continued to sing IAIN Salatiga Hymne. Next agenda is delivering speeches by the Dean of Faculty, Mr. Suwardi, M. Pd. and Chief of ALE, Hafik Umarul Munir.

The performance is opened by a funny couple of MC, Umi and Aqil, ICP 2017 students. They wear a couple of wedding dress, makes them as if they were a real romantic wedding couple. The unique and fun way they delivered, makes the audiences more attractive and enjoyable. Next performance is Asmaradana dance, played by ICP 2015 students who are going to conduct abroad teaching practicum in Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur around July 2018. Fafa, the singer of Anoman Obong, is not only pretty with Javanese costume but also beautiful in singing the song. This song tells about Anoman who saved Sinta, Rama’s wife who is kidnapped by Rahwana, the evil giant. Anoman finally burned (in Javanese obong) Rahwana’s Palace. It is part of Ramayana popular story in Javanese puppet and Hindu religion.

It is time to the peak performance, a Promise of Abimanyu. The story begins with the romanticism of Abimanyu (Hafik) and his wife, Siti Sendari (‘Ain). One day, the palace ordered Abimanyu to go for a duty, so he had to leave his lovely wife. When Abimanyu was not home, Sendari is approached by a men and so did Abimanyu, he apparently tried to approach other woman named Dewi Utari (Awal). He promised, would marry her, if he did not, he would die. That’s way the story entitled “a Promise of Abimanyu”. Afterthat, the palace ordered Abimanyu to be a Senopati (leader) of a big war between Pandawa and Kurawa. Unfortunately, he died in that war. That was also effect of his promise to Dewi Utari.

This drama is also highlighted a trending topic today, namely Pelakor (stealing another husband) cases in social media. An intermezzo is also presented, such as performing a brief story about Dilan which is bloomed today. That was so creative. They know how to link an old Javanese story and modern updated story in one package of art performance. Naturally, it makes the audiences do not move from their seat and keep their eyes on the stage. On the other hand, this drama also gives us some moral lessons. Among of them, are keep loyal relationship with our couple and keep our promise. After all, all of the players are excellent. They are all out in performing their best. They could manage time very well, since we know that as ICP students, the course activities are so full but they could prove, they could do something outside their academic activities. Two thumbs up for ICP students! Bravo! (MFL/IO)


ALE ICP 2018 IAIN SALATIGA in Art Exhibition entitled “a Promise of Abimanyu”