“Bimo Suci” Shown at FTIK Puppet Show

May 11, 2018

SALATIGA – Lakon Bimo Suci (a play of holy Bimo) as an actor in a leather puppet show organized by the Faculty of  Teacher Training Education (FTIK) IAIN Salatiga, in the yard of K.H. Ahmad Dahlam Building, Campus 3, Wednesday (9/05).

Together with Ki Dalang Joko Sunarno and Dalang Cilik (little puppeteer) Anggoro Dwi Sadono, puppet show with a play of Bimo Suci is played. On the occasion, it was attended by the Rector and the Head of Dharma Wanita Persatuan (DWP), and the officials of IAIN Salatiga.

Previously Mr. Suwardi, M.Pd., The Dean of the Faculty (FTIK) explained Tirakatan night (a tradition to commemorate) and that evening cultural performances deliberately on the theme of “strengthening education, promoting culture”. With the theme is certainly in line with the vision of IAIN Salatiga namely in realizing a reference to study of Islam-Indonesia in the world.

“This night Wayang performance as a form of advancing education while preserving Indonesian culture. As Wali Songo had done when spreading Islam in Java Island, “he explained.

Mr. Suwardi, M.Pd. also explained the Wayang performance itself is one of the art form which had been ever used by Wali Songo in spreading Islam in Java land. In addition, through the performance can strengthen the relationship between IAIN Salatiga community and urban community of Salatiga especially urban village.

In line with that, Rector of IAIN Salatiga, Dr. Rahmat Hariyadi, M.Pd. in his speech said by holding this Tirakatan Night and cultural performances we feel grateful. The Wayang performance by performing a play of Bimo Suci became the cure longing of academic community of IAIN Salatiga in preserving the culture.

“Through this Wayang performance we can take great lesson, because in the performances there are many things involved, such as there are musical art education, language learning, especially Java language, theater, and vocal art, “said Rector.

He also added, the theme taken at this show is very appropriate. The theme of “strengthening education, promoting culture” is in line with IAIN Salatiga’s vision. “The theme of strengthening education, promoting culture, is in line with the vision of the year 2030 to be a reference study of Islam-Indonesia for the realization of a dignified peaceful society,” he added.

The Wayang performance is a series of activities of National Education Day (Hardiknas) organized by FTIK IAIN Salatiga. The own series of activities in 2018 itself from 1-14 May 2018. (zid/MFL)

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